This is an abstract expressionist painting. Medium media textured acrylic on stretched canvas artwork. Ready to hang.

AXION ESTI • THE GENESIS, Acrylic + mixed textures on canvas

This is a an abstract expressionist painting, mixed media textured acrylic on stretched canvas artwork, ready to hang on the wall home decor.

• SIZE: 50×60 cm

To view and enjoy all my paintings you can visit my online art gallery here:

Photos with the painting in different living spaces are for presentation only; they may not be to scale. If you need another size, I can create a new original painting for you that will be very similar to this painting with the dimensions you need. Just send me an e-mail and I will do my best to accommodate your request. 
• STYLE: modern, contemporary, abstract expressionism. It will be a wonderful decoration for your home or office and a great gift for your friends and family. No matter the home style, modern, minimalist, art deco, industrial, the painting will add a touch of mystery and a wanderlust mood to your space.  
• COLORS: Blue, black, green, yellow. Colors may appear slightly different than in real life, depending on your device resolution.
• MEDIUM: High quality acrylic paints and different mediums (collage paper, charcoal, gesso, graphite, acrylic inks) on stretched canvas, ready to hang. The layers of acrylic paint are applied using painting brushes and/or pallet knifes. Each painting is coated with acrylic gesso and finished with a clear matte or glossy varnish to protect colors for longer periods of time and to ensure durability and protection against changes in room temperature, UV light, moisture and dust.  
• QUALITY: My paintings are all one of a kind, no prints of any kind. 100% original hand painted and created with great care, personally signed on the front. The abstract work is usually signed on the back so you can hang it oriented as you want. The paintings comes also with an authenticity certificate attached.
• FRAMES: The painting doesn’t have exterior frames. However, the canvas is stretched on wooden bars, ready to hang on your wall. All my paintings have a hanging system already attached to the wooden bards, so they are ready to hang on the wall. The sides are painted to complement the painting. 
• PACKAGING: All of my paintings are professionally packed in thick cardboard box after they were securely wrapped in flexible cardboard and bubble wrap foil and insured against damage or loss.

To view and enjoy all my paintings you can visit my online art gallery here:

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If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for stopping by!

Mira W.

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