‘’Wanderlust’’ is a strong desire to travel to undiscovered lands or spaces.  

My name is Mira, a nomad soul with Eastern European and Mediterranean roots, still with a child’s heart who lived in different places around the world. ‘Wanderlust’ was a promise to myself after my father’s death, that I will travel for the rest of my life, in this way he can see the world through my mind, my heart and my eyes. 

I am a visual arts lecturer, writer, creative director and self-taught artist in love with art, mythology, space, piano, nature sounds, books and poetry.. After years of experience in creative direction and production, I started painting modern abstract art in March 2020 during the first COVID-19 pandemic period, for curiosity first, soon later as a sort of mindfulness meditation.

When I was 17 years old, unfortunately, I lost my father who was a fantastic traveler. Since then traveling has become part of my life. After my Master Degree in Marketing I moved to Italy, where I am actually based, and during my first years of work experience, as a human resources manager, and a freelance journalist  for passion, I was so lucky to travel worldwide thanks to my job. But during the pandemic situation everything changed. As I couldn’t travel anymore, I continued to write articles during the first lockdown, at the same time I started to explore various online courses focused on visual arts + abstract painting with MoMA New York. Since then, visual arts, especially painting, becomes an obsession for me, as I found that it can be a new way to start traveling again. 

I enjoy creating abstract paintings and modern landscapes with a touch of mystery thbring our minds inside a parallel dimension. Each painting is related to my curiosity to explore mythology, nature and what humans do to our Nature, and the Universe, as we are part of it. Some of my paintings are made with recycled materials and objects found in nature or thrown away by humans; other paintings are also new ways to explore new Moons, part of other Planets. Studying constantly new different cultures, in my art, I try to connect myself with the unknown. My first paintings were inspired by Vangelis’ / Evanghelos Odyssey Papathanassiou’s music and his works for NASA’s various missions.. Since I was a child, my father listened to his music cassettes, being his favorite Greek music producer and composer. I was always curious about how he explored new sounds, because the fascination for sound is essential to understand Vangelis and his work.

My paintings are 100% original hand painted and created with great care. I use recycled materials, fabrics and various objects brought by the sea, trying to find a new way to reuse what other people throw away. Combined with high quality acrylic and oil paints, mediums on professional stretched canvas, the paintings are ready to hang. The layers of oil or acrylic paint are applied using painting brushes and pallet knives. Each painting is coated with acrylic gesso and finished with a clear matte or glossy varnish to protect colors for longer periods of time and to ensure durability and protection against changes in room temperature, UV light, moisture and dust. Sometimes, we can put our feelings on a canvas and fight our inner battles thanks to art as meditation . Mental health is the most difficult challenge an artist can experience and must be respected and valued.

We all have difficult moments and I hope that in those moments my art can be a kind of medicine for those who will look at my painting and will have the freedom to travel with the mind to the place where it wants to be at that very moment.

Art is also a  way to isolate myself from others, when I mostly need a dialogue with myself and  I want to be somewhere,  far away from the present moment.

In my daily life, I work as well as a freelance writer for various art + fashion magazines: RED EYE Metazine, I-D Italy, Fucking Young, RedMilk, Modic, Vogue Talents, L’Officiel Malaysia, Schön Magazine, Vanity Teen + more. I am also founder + art director of www.33magazine.com

Find out more about my art here: www.linktree.com/mirawstudio

My works + articles:: https://bio.site/mirawanderlust 

Regarding any information related to my art + my work, contact me HERE .

I hope you are having a great journey, Mira

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